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Anna Geary to Coach Ireland on Claiming Their Tax Rebates

Today, Irish Tax Rebates will go live with two new Brand Ambassadors. Both our current and new clients will recognize this ambassador right off the bat or ‘hurley’ in this case. Known for her playing days in the red of Cork and the many times she graced the pitch of Croke Park or from your TV screens where you will see her coaching her teams through the toughest of challenges on Ireland’s Fittest Family. We bet you’ve guessed it by now, Anna Geary has joined team Irish Tax Rebates to highlight their services to a larger audience.

“It’s great to have Anna as a brand ambassador for us here in Irish Tax Rebates. She brings her own style and objectives to the role in promoting our tax rebate services. It’s so important for everyone to maximise their rebates by claiming all expenses and tax credits possible. It’s even more important for the likes of ourselves at Irish Tax Rebates to let our clients and any potential new clients know what they’re eligible to claim.” – Martin Brennan, Managing Director of Irish Tax Rebates.


Anna Geary Brand Ambassador


Taxpayers in Ireland, sometimes, are not aware of what they are entitled to. Irish Tax Rebates have noticed that many people who carry out their own tax claims, can miss out on tax credits that they never even knew existed. This can be anything from Single Parents Child Carers Credit to Medical and Dental expenses and everything in between. With the constant rise in living costs, everyone is looking for somewhere they can save on spending, but it is just as important to be increasing your income by claiming your tax. Irish Tax Rebates have an average rebate of €1,092 which would go a long way towards living in current crisis.

With Anna Geary so well-known across Ireland through her ongoing list of successful ventures, Irish Tax Rebates are ecstatic to have her on board to emphasize these unknown tax credits and reliefs to such a large audience. And in return, they hope to increase the amount of rebates they secure for taxpayers. Irish Tax Rebates work off a ‘no rebate, no fee’ policy giving their clients an ideal opportunity to find out if they are due money back or not.

“I am delighted to be teaming up with Irish Tax Rebates as their brand ambassador to learn and share all the “need-to-knows” around what taxes and expenses we can claim for. Irish Tax Rebates are based in Athy Co. Kildare, not too far away from me, and have over 20 years’ experience in securing tax rebates. With so many outgoings facing households at the moment, it’s welcomed good news to learn you could be getting money back into your pocket! All it takes is less than 60 seconds to fill out the form and once you complete that, they do the rest. I’ll be sharing plenty of information and tips in the coming months. I’m really excited for this partnership.” – Anna Geary



Anna Geary becomes Brand Ambassador for market leading Tax Rebate company.

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