Tax Tips

Copycat competitors charge you more (for less)!

If you pay tax in Ireland, chances are you’ve paid too much and you’re probably due a rebate this year. And next year. In fact, every single year.

And we’re not talking pocket change. The truth is that you could be owed A LOT. We know this because we secure thousands of rebates for Irish tax payers every day — and many of are worth well over €1,000.

We can already hear you asking… “How do I get ALL this money back?!”

Good question. There are three ways:

(1) DIY. Yes, you could always do it yourself. You’re a tax expert, right? Maybe you think it looks easy but at the end of the day Revenue are tax COLLECTORS. They are not tax givers. They already took your money. Don’t give them your precious time as well and lose out on your full rebate in the process.

(2) Use one of our copycat competitors. Go ahead. If you don’t mind paying higher fees for less money. (That’s the harsh reality). Over the past 20 years we’ve seen more copycat competitors pop up and go again than we can count. But the truth is they just don’t have the same expertise that we have, ergo, they can’t secure the large rebates that we can.

(3) Choose Irish Tax Rebates. Good choice! Unleash the rebate veterans who fight smarter and harder for your cash. We guarantee you the highest possible rebate for the lowest fee across Ireland.

We’ve lost count of the number of customers who’ve gone with option 1 or 2. When they realise their mistake and come to us, we always find the money they’ve left on the table.

So how do we make that guarantee to you?

We fight and find for every last cent.

We’re rebate veterans.

We KNOW the Revenue system inside out. We’ve been doing this for thousands of customers every day for over 20 years. You don’t do something for that long without learning a thing or two!

And we FIGHT for our customers!

Other tax companies will overlook some of the ways to maximise your rebate (because they’re just not aware of them) — and often won’t pursue cases as far as they should. That’s why when their customers come to us, they regularly get a further rebate – they are still owed more money.

We charge the lowest fee in Ireland.

Yes, the original rebate veterans, the experts, the ones who will FIND AND FIGHT for every last cent…

Charge a lower fee.

It’s true. While other tax companies come and go, we build a reputation on results — not cheeky costs for less cash.

Hard to believe? See for yourself:

Irish Tax Rebates: 7% fee 15% fee Yes you read that right – 15% of your hard earned cash going straight into the pockets of 15% fee Wow – another 15%er. Steep!

My Taxback: 10% fee Better than 15%, but still too high…

Red Oak: 9% Getting better, but still, come on!

Let’s do the maths.

Say you’re owed €1,500 from Revenue…

Choose Irish Rebates and you get €1,370 cash in your pocket. Job done.

Choose or and you only get €1,223, thanks to their whopper 15% charge.

You’ve just thrown €147 down the drain. Ouch.

(And that’s if they can even get all the €1,500 back in the first place.)

What we’re trying to say is DON’T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE.

Oh—and one more thing—if no rebate is due to you, there is no charge. If you’re worried that you might not be due a rebate, and you’ll still be left with the 7%, our promise is, and always will be:

No rebate no fee.

If you pay tax in Ireland, it’s time to get everything you’re owed. Irish Tax Rebates will find and fight for every last cent. Leave it to anyone else and you’re leaving money on the table.

What are you waiting for? Apply here.