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6 Reasons to Use Irish Tax Rebates:

  • 20+ years’ experience in the tax industry.
  • Highest Rebate in the market.
  • Your taxes are reviewed by our team of Certified Accountants, Qualified Tax Advisors and Qualified Tax Technicians.
  • Our form only takes 60 seconds to fill in, and you will receive your rebate within 12 working days.
  • You can receive your rebate by bank transfer, those details can be provided to us on our secure portal, making it safe for you to get a quick and easy bank transfer of your Tax Rebate.
  • Remember: No Rebate, No Fee, No Catch!

You may also be due a rebate if:

  • You are a PAYE earner.
  • You believe you have overpaid taxes this year or for the previous four years.
  • You have paid emergency tax.
  • You have become unemployed or made redundant.
  • You are moving to or from Ireland.
  • You have been paying rent.
  • You have worked from home.
  • You are a:
    • Factory worker
    • Retail worker
    • Medical professional
    • Healthcare worker
    • Tradesperson

  • You have paid employee or flat-rate expenses.
  • You are a 3rd level student paying tax.
  • You have incurred medical or dental expenses.
  • You have incurred nursing home expenses or employed a home carer.
  • You have been a home carer.
  • You have a disability or are caring for adults or children with disabilities.
  • You are a single parent or the primary guardian of a child/children.
  • You are contributing to a pension fund.