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Irish Tax Rebates’ Tax Tips is the leading online resource to help keep you up-to-date with all of the latest developments in tax. With a team that has over 20 year’s professional tax experience, we aim to offer you the best practical tips, advice and information to help you claim back any rebate owed. Simple. Easy. Fast

Dependent Relative Tax Credit

Dependent Relative Tax Credit: Budget 2020

Many people in Ireland are caring for a dependant relative. If you’re eligible to claim the Dependent Relative Tax Credit, you should be aware that this allowance has been increased from €70 per year to €245 per year as part of the 2020 budget. What is the Dependent Relative Tax Credit? If you care for […]

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Staycation Ireland

The New Stay and Spend tax rebate: your questions answered

There’s been lots of talk about the new Government ‘Stay and Spend’ scheme, which launched on October 1st in an effort to boost the Irish hospitality sector. It’...

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Tax Rebates for Healthcare Workers

Tax Rebates for Healthcare Workers

Are you a healthcare worker? If so, this one’s for you! Did you know it’s very likely that you are due some tax back from the Revenue ...

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tax back for retail workers

Claiming Tax Back as a Retail Worker

Retail workers of Ireland – it’s time to claim back the money that Revenue owes you! We work with thousands of retail workers each year to claim their tax ...

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tax back competitors

Copycat competitors charge you more (for less)!

If you pay tax in Ireland, chances are you’ve paid too much and you’re probably due a rebate this year. And next year. In fact, every single ...

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tax rebate bank transfer

Receive your tax rebate by bank transfer

Want to receive your rebate straight into your bank account? No problem! So you’ve just received our good news text – you’re due a tax rebate! 🥳 (If you ...

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apply for your tax rebate

5 Reasons to Apply with 100% Confidence to Irish Tax Rebates

At Irish Tax Rebates, we help our 250,000 customers secure the highest possible tax rebate. With over 20 years experience in Irish tax, our highly qualified tax experts are committed to ...

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No P60? – No Problem: Your 2019 Tax Rebate Questions Answered

Wondering why you haven’t received a P60 this year? Confused about how to apply for your 2019 tax back without one?  Our expert Accountants explain the recent changes to ...

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Apply with confidence to Irish Tax Rebates & get your money back

At Irish Tax Rebates, we are passionate about our purpose: ensuring our 250,000 customers in Ireland secure the highest possible tax rebate.  If you pay tax in Ireland, it’s ...

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tax back for uniform expenses

Are you due tax back on your uniform expenses?

Guide to claiming tax back for uniform expenses:  Work uniforms refer to clothing that is required by the employer in order to perform their job, such as scrubs for ...

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calculate PAYE

PAYE Tax Explained

Guide to PAYE Tax System (Pay As You Earn): Whether you’re starting work for the first time or are finally looking into your taxes, understanding PAYE is essential. ...

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Flat Rate Expenses - Are you eligible to claim tax back?

Flat Rate Expenses: Are You Eligible for Tax Back? [Infographic]

Guide to Flat Rate Expenses Flat rate expenses refer to the costs incurred by an employee on uniforms, tools, equipment and supplies necessary to complete their work. There are ...

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get your money back

Received Your P60 Certificate? Get Your Money Back with a Tax Rebate!

Guide to P60 Certificate & Claiming Tax Back: In the past, you were issued a P60 certificate from your employer within the first 6 weeks of the new year. This ...

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tax rebate, claim tax

5 Surprising Sources of Tax Relief For Parents

Many families in Ireland qualify for a range of tax benefits, yet thousands of parents and guardians fail to claim tax back each year. This is mainly because they ...

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Irish Tax Reabate

Emergency Tax in Ireland: Emergency Tax Explained

Paying Emergency Tax in Ireland?  Paying emergency tax in Ireland is something we all want to avoid, whether we’re just entering the workforce or changing jobs. However, misunderstandings ...

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Marriage Tax Credits

Marriage Tax Credits: all you need to know

Guide to Marriage Tax Credits in Ireland:  Congratulations! If you’ve recently tied the knot, you may have additional cause for celebration, because you could save up to €4,620 on ...

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How to Claim Tax Back for Employment Expenses

Guide to Claiming Tax Back for Employment Expenses:  Let’s face it, no one wants to pay more tax than they have to; however, you might not even realise ...

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claim tax back on pension contributions

Claiming Tax Back – The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Back: Most Frequently Asked Questions Here at Irish Tax Rebates, we receive a lot of questions from the public via phone, e-mail and social media each week regarding ...

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money back this christmas

Get Your Money Back Over the Holiday Season

Christmas is one of the most expensive time for families, with the average family in Ireland reported to spend around €2,654 in December – €870 more than any other month of the ...

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moving abroad Irish tax

Moving Away From or Moving to Ireland? You May Be Eligible For a Tax Rebate

Did you live and work in Ireland for a period of time and have now left? Or are you returning to Ireland after working abroad for a time? If ...

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A quick guide to tax relief for college courses

Thinking about returning to third level education? For many people, their intention to pursue further education is often put off by the costs involved in doing so. However, did ...

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eye exam

Get Your Money Back on Eye Care Expenses [Infographic]

Although health care is expensive, you might be eligible to get your money back on many different procedures and visits. The process for claiming money back on health care ...

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Medical Expenses Tax Credit

Tax Back for Medical Expenses – Are You Leaving Money Behind? [Infographic]

  Each year, the average Irish family spend €2,600 on medical and dental expenses. Where qualifying medical or dental expenses have not been reimbursed by the HSE, other governing body ...

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Consulting a tax expert could save you a lot of cash

There’s no doubt about it – tax can be taxing! Not knowing when to make claims, what you can actually claim tax back for or if you even have ...

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Complete Guide: Irish Tax FAQ’s

Here at, we know the Irish Tax system inside out. We have over 20 years professional experience in the area of claiming tax back and generating tax refunds ...

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The top 4 ways you’re paying too much tax

In Ireland, claiming tax back can be an arduous task. This is why a lot of people simply don’t pursue it. However, an even bigger problem is that ...

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How to claim tax back on 3rd level education

The education system in Ireland is extremely good but it can also be extremely expensive. However, if you’re involved in an undergrad, postgrad or even an IT or ...

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claim tax credits

A quick guide to 2018 tax changes

The dawn of a new year usually brings with it some new changes to tax legislation, and this year is no different for those of us paying Irish taxes. ...

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Claiming Tax Back as a Nurse in Ireland

It may come as a surprise to learn that a significant number of nurses and nursing assistants in Ireland end up paying more tax than they should. As such, ...

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How to Claim Tax Back for Dental Expenses

Dental work can be expensive, so it’s a good thing that many treatments qualify for tax relief allowing you to deduct a proportion of their cost from your ...

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PAYE tax credits

How to Claim PAYE Tax Credits (With Examples)

Many people mistakenly believe that tax credits are automatically applied by Revenue. Unfortunately for them, this is not always the case, which means they might not receive tax back ...

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tax back ivf

A Guide to Tax Relief on IVF & Fertility Treatments

Fertility treatments are on the rise in Ireland.  Fertility treatments can quickly become expensive; especially IVF, which is one of the more popular treatments. The average cost of IVF ...

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laser eye surgery - tax relief

Laser-eye surgery: Claiming tax back

More and more people are opting to have laser-eye surgery to permanently correct their vision. Bad news for opticians; but fantastic for those who suffer with visual impairments. If ...

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home carer tax credit

Are you a Home Carer? – Claim Your Tax Refund

If you are married or are in a civil partnership, and you care for one or more dependent person(s)you may be entitled to a tax credit under ...

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Ireland split year tax

How to Split Your Tax year Between Countries

If you’ve recently moved to Ireland for employment, or if you are planning to leave Ireland to start a career some place new, you will need to know ...

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Split Tax Credits Jobs

Working a second job? You may be due tax back

Working multiple jobs is stressful enough, without having to worry about accidentally paying more tax than you should. However, if you’ve been working two or more jobs over ...

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irish tax rebates

5 Reasons to use Irish Tax Rebates

Are you interested in joining over 70,000 PAYE workers who have claimed an average of €1,100 of tax back? Irish Tax Rebates have helped 75% of people who apply to receive thousands, ...

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tax rebate

A Simple Guide to Claiming Tax Back When You’ve Been Made Redundant

Being made redundant is one of the most unpleasant and stressful things that can happen in your life. If you have been on the receiving end of this kind ...

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tax back

5 Crucial tax credits for people with disabilities and those that care for them

 In 2011, the Census showed that nearly 600,000 people in Ireland reported having a disability. Although this number is a huge percentage of the Irish population, Irish Tax Rebates have found ...

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A simple guide to tax assessment as a married couple

Firstly, congratulations on your recent or upcoming nuptials! While there are many things that you need to decide upon today, tomorrow and over the course of your marriage, one ...

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The Universal Social Charge in 2017

One of the most positive outcomes from Budget 2017 was the decrease in USC rates. The budget outlined cuts which will benefit people in all tax brackets, with the aim ...

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A quick guide to the single person child carer credit

Are you a single parent or the primary guardian of a child/children? If so, you may be eligible to receive the Single Person Child Carer Credit (SPCCC). However, ...

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tax rebates, tax rebates ireland, online tax rebates

Everything you need to know about the help-to-buy tax rebate

One of the most anticipated aspects of Budget 2017, the new “help-to-buy” tax rebate scheme was introduced on October 11th to assist potential first-time home buyers with gathering a deposit. ...

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Work in construction? 3 ways you may be entitled to tax back

Do you work in construction? Are you or have you been paid through the PAYE system in the past 4 years? Like many of our customers who works as tradesmen, ...

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saving money for retirement

Claiming Tax Back on Pension Contributions

Establishing a pension fund is an incredibly smart and forward-thinking move to ensure you have the financial means and support necessary after you’ve retired from work. Whether adding 1% ...

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tax back on company health insurance

Could you be due tax back on your health insurance?

Are you one of the estimated 400,000 people in Ireland that have health insurance fully or partially paid for by their employers? Did you know that you may be eligible ...

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Were you employed on a short term contract? You might be due tax back

Have you previously been employed on a short-term contract? Did you know, that even short-term workers such as  students working for the Summer, construction workers contracted for particular works, ...

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rental tax credit

Are You Eligible to Claim The Rental Tax Credit?

If you were renting a private property, room, apartment or house on or before the 7th of December 2010, you may be eligible to claim tax back on rental payments ...

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dependent relative tax credit

The Dependent Relatives Tax Credit Explained

The 2011 Census found that an astounding 182,884 Irish people are providing unpaid assistance to dependent relatives. Unfortunately, the majority of these carers do not realize they are eligible to claim ...

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tax-credits explained

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Tax Credits

Personal tax credits are due to every taxpayer resident in Ireland. The tax credit applicable will depend on your marital status – single, married, in a civil partnership, widowed, a ...

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5 Important Tax Credits for Medical Professionals

Every year, thousands of tax credits go unclaimed. During our tax reviews for clients, we have found this to be especially true for medical and healthcare professionals. Unbeknownst to ...

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Claiming tax back when you are unemployed

Facing unemployment is a tough prospect. However if you have recently become unemployed after a period of employment, you’ll be happy to know that you may be eligible ...

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claim tax back

Started a new job in the last 4 years? Claim tax back!

Starting a new job after a sustained period of unemployment is an exciting time. Finally, you have a new opportunity to gain more skills, meet new people and further ...

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tax back

Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP)

The Special Assignee Relief Programme is specifically aimed at employees who have been assigned by his or her employer to relocate to Ireland to work for that same employer. ...

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foreign earning deductions

Foreign Earnings Deduction

In an effort to encourage export-led business, particularly to emerging market economies, the government have introduced a “Foreign Earnings Deduction” tax credit. Overview of the Foreign Earnings Deduction tax ...

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Why You Absolutely Must Apply For Tax Back

For many people, taxation is a topic of discussion they like to avidly avoid. However, in avoiding any dealings with taxation, you could then miss out on a sizable ...

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irish tax credit certificate

What Is a Tax Credit Certificate?

There are so many tax forms and tax rates to keep track of and understand, it really can be mind-boggling! One of the most important elements of taxation is ...

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Care home

Claiming Tax Back on Nursing Care Costs

We are always surprised at the amount of people who do not realise that they can claim tax back on fees paid for nursing homes or home carers. You ...

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Changing jobs

Changing Jobs & Tax – Everything You Need to Know

There’s already so much to think about when changing employment, that it can be frustrating to have to deal with your taxes as well. To make this process ...

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Top Ten Tax Terms Explained

Understanding taxation can be difficult, especially when there’s so many confusing terms involved. Often misunderstandings or lack of understanding regarding taxation can lead to over payment of tax. ...

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irish tax credits

What Are Tax Credits and What You Need to Know?

Tax credits are a form of relief offered by the government to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay. Every PAYE worker is eligible for these and ...

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5 Key Things you need to know about claiming tax back

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us are actually overpaying taxes. Thankfully, we can claim this tax back if we know what relief we can apply for ...

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tax credits

Tax Credits – What Can You Claim For?

Over the years the government has offered a range of tax credits and relief options, from rental payments to bin charges. However, tax credits are often gradually phased out ...

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Why you may be eligible for a tax refund for USC

Many of the tax rebates that we process tend to include a refund for at least one of the past four years for an overpaid universal social charge payment. ...

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Why you should use a tax expert to claim tax back

In 2020 alone, Irish Tax Rebates have already obtained tax back for thousands of clients, with the average tax rebate amounting to €1,057. With so many people receiving cheques in the ...

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home renovation incentive

A Guide to the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) Scheme

Carrying out work on your home can be a costly process, but did you know that you can avail of recent Government tax breaks for renovations? They are available ...

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Tax Rebates on Medical Insurance

Potential further tax rebates – Medical Insurance relief

Did you know that you can claim relief at the tax rate of 20% on your Medical Insurance Premiums? Not at lot of people know that, and are missing out ...

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Tax Rebate From Data Errors

Potential Tax Rebate From Data Errors

  Errors have been known to be easily made! But did you know that Government data errors could result in a potential tax rebate for you? As the Government ...

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rental tax credit

Rent Relief Tax Refunds

The Rent Relief tax credit has been phased out! Not only this, but the Revenue Commissioners are changing how the Rent Tax Credit (Rent Relief) can be claimed too. 2014 ...

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Medical Card Tax Rebate

Potential Tax Rebate for Medical Card Holders

For those of you who hold medical cards, the news hasn’t been great lately. Many of you have been subjected to “reviews” by the HSE and may have ...

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Tax Refund Calculation

Why Consulting a Tax Refund Expert Can Payback in Spades

So, it appears that using the Revenue On-line System (ROS) isn’t always as straight forward as it seems when trying to apply for a tax refund. We recently ...

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Assessing Claims for Tax Back

Tax Back for People Returning to Work

  Are you returning to work after a period of unemployment? If so, you may qualify for tax back through the Revenue Job Assist Tax Credit Scheme. The recent ...

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rental tax credit

Undeclared Investment Properties

With this blog post, we are continuing on the property theme from our last blog about the Local Property Tax (LPT). At the risk of scaring you all off, ...

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local property tax

The Importance Of Paying Your Local Property Tax

The Local Property Tax (LPT) came into effect in 2013, impacting all owners of residential properties in Ireland. The term ‘residential property’ refers to any building or part of building ...

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Irish Tax Reabate

Tax Credits Phased Out

€560 million provision for tax rebates! Some Tax Credits are being phased out. Every year the Revenue Commissioners makes a provision for tax due back to PAYE workers. In 2014 Irish ...

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