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Each year, we help more than 250,000 Irish tax payers get a tax rebate. How do we do it? By combining a fast,
simple, secure service with over 20 years of tax knowledge. And, as always - no rebate, no fee.

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Fill and sign our 60-second online form
We complete our comprehensive tax review within 12 working days
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Apply in just 60 seconds and
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12 working days.


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What We Check

A Comprehensive Review

We’ll complete a full and thorough review of your taxes, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to secure your tax rebate. We can review up to 4 years of taxes for you to help get your tax back.

Tax Relief Review

You may be eligible for one or more of the following tax reliefs. We check them all on your behalf. Request your check now; complete our 60-second online form.

  • Mortgage Interest Relief
  • Medical Expenses
  • Non-routine Dental Expenses
  • Rent Relief
  • Home Renovation Incentive Schemes
  • Redundancy Payments

Tax Credit Review

We ensure you’re getting all the Tax Credits you’re due. Request your check now, complete our 60-second online form.

  • Single/Married/Civil Partner Credits
  • Widow/Widowers Credits
  • Employee Credits
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Single Parent Family Credit
  • Incapacitated Child Credit
  • Blind Tax Credit
  • Age Tax Credit
  • Dependent Relative Credit
  • Home Carer Credit
  • Medical Insurance
  • Tax Rebate for Tuition Fees
  • Incapacitated Individual
  • Flat Rate Expenses
  • Guide Dog Allowance
  • Return to Work Credit

Universal Social Charge Review

Introduced in 2011, the Universal Social Charge (USC) is deducted at source by employers or paid directly by the self-employed. So you might have overpaid USC without even knowing it. We’ll check back through 4 years of USC to see if you’re due a tax rebate. Request your check now, complete our 60-second online form.