Are you eligible to claim the Rent Tax Credit for 2022?

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Rent Tax Credit

A Rent Tax Credit has been introduced for the years 2022-2025. Tax relief can be claimed from January 2023, if you paid for private rented accommodation in 2022. This new tax credit will be worth up to €500 per year, per individual and will be available to each person who is paying rent, as opposed to each tenancy.

Parents who pay rent on behalf of university going children can also claim the tax credit up to the value of €500 per parent, meaning a total tax credit of €1,000 per year.

You may also be eligible to claim this tax credit if you are renting private accommodation to facilitate accommodation while you work. Example: an individual from Donegal who lives & rents in Dublin for work purpose.

Claim Rent Tax Credit Now

In the case of rent paid on behalf of a qualifying child, neither the child nor the individual can be a relative of the landlord.

This newly introduced rent tax credit is only for those paying for private rented accommodation and not for those receiving social housing support.

To claim this credit in early 2023, you must retain your lease agreement and proof of payments. You will have to provide Irish Tax Rebates with the landlord’s name and address.