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Most people in Ireland miss out on further tax rebates including medical expenses, working from home tax rebate and dependent relative tax credit. These rebates are in addition to your initial tax rebate worth on average €1,092!

Check out the most common extra rebates below, that people often do not claim, to see if you could be due more money.

Top 4 Additional Tax Rebates you could be entitled to claim

rent tax credit

Rent Tax Credit

A Rent Tax Credit has been introduced for the years 2022-2025. Tax relief can be claimed from January 2023, if you paid for private rented accommodation in 2022. This new tax credit will be worth up to €500 per year, per individual and will be available to each person who is paying rent, as opposed to each tenancy.

Parents who pay rent on behalf of university going children can also claim the tax credit up to the value of €500 per parent, meaning a total tax credit of €1,000 per year.

You may also be eligible to claim this tax credit if you are renting private accommodation to facilitate accommodation while you work. Example: an individual from Donegal who lives & rents in Dublin for work purpose.

medical expenses tax rebate

Medical Expenses Tax Rebate

Every PAYE employee in Ireland can claim tax relief on both day-to-day and special medical expenses such as you and your family’s doctor’s visits, prescriptions, dental and many more.

Yet, less than half of the Irish workforce claim this additional tax rebate. Irish Tax Rebates can help you to maximise your medical expenses tax rebate, hassle-free! Applicants for the Medical Expense tax rebate claim back on average €480. All PAYE employees are entitled to claim back up to 20% on medical costs and 40% for costs of nursing home care or in-home professional care for you or a dependent.

working from home tax rebate

‘Working From Home’ Tax Rebate

There are more Irish taxpayers than ever who are now working from home and eligible to claim a special tax allowance each year to claim money back on expenses such as Broadband*, light and heating utilities and costs that will be greater if your work is now substantially from home, either on a full or part time basis (*Please note that Broadband costs are only eligible from the tax year 2020 onwards).

dependent relative tax rebate

Dependent Relative Tax Rebate

Thousands of people in Ireland have dependent relatives but do not claim the annual Dependent Relative Tax allowance, which is €490 for 2 dependents. You are entitled to claim for any elderly dependent relatives whether they reside in Ireland or elsewhere in the world.

This rebate is often substantial for our customers. With the allowance increasing from €70 to €245 per dependent relative from 1st January 2021. If you have supported 4 people in 2021, you will be able to claim a rebate of up to €980.

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