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The average Irish family spends roughly €2,600 on doctor’s visits, eye care expenses and dental treatments every year. However, many people don’t realise that you can claim tax back on medical and dental expenses. Where qualifying medical or dental expenses have not been reimbursed by the HSE, another governing body, health insurance provider or is the subject of a compensation payment, you may be eligible for tax relief on your payments.  

A number of medical and dental expenses are eligible for tax relief at the standard rate of 20% while nursing home expenditure is eligible for tax relief at the higher rate of 40%. From prescriptions and doctor’s visits to IVF and maternity care, these articles cover everything you need to know about getting a tax rebate on your medical expenses. Check out our blogs on tax back for medical and dental expenses to find out how you can get your money back!

2023 Budget & How does it affect me?

The 2023 Budget was presented on Tuesday the 27th of September. This is a little earlier than normal owing to energy inflation and the general increased cost of living.  The ...

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How Much Tax Can My Family Claim for Medical Expenses?

Medical expenses can certainly add up, and each year families incur unexpected medical bills that can be quite significant. There are still over 1 million people in Ireland without medical ...

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Get Your Money Back on Eye Care Expenses

  What Eye Care Expenses Can I Claim? Although health care is expensive, you might be eligible to get your money back on many different procedures and visits. The ...

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Tax Back for Medical Expenses – Are You Leaving Money Behind?

    Each year, the average Irish family spend €2,600 on medical and dental expenses. Where qualifying medical or dental expenses have not been reimbursed by the HSE, other governing ...

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How to Claim Tax Back for Dental Expenses

Dental work can be expensive, so it’s a good thing that many treatments qualify for tax relief allowing you to deduct a proportion of their cost from your ...

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A Guide to Tax Relief on IVF & Fertility Treatments

Fertility treatments costs are on the rise in Ireland. Fertility treatments can quickly become expensive; especially IVF, which is one of the more popular treatments. The average cost of ...

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Laser-eye surgery: Claiming tax back

More and more people are opting to have laser-eye surgery to permanently correct their vision. Bad news for opticians; but fantastic for those who suffer with visual impairments. If ...

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Could you be due tax back on your health insurance?

Are you one of the estimated 400,000 people in Ireland who have health insurance fully or partially paid for by their employers? Did you know that you may be eligible ...

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Potential further tax rebates – Medical Insurance Relief

Did you know that you can claim relief at the tax rate of 20% on your Medical Insurance Premiums? Not at lot of people know that, and are missing out ...

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Potential Tax Rebate for Medical Card Holders

For those of you who hold medical cards, the news hasn’t been great lately. Many of you have been subjected to “reviews” by the HSE and may have ...

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