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A Guide to the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) Scheme

Carrying out work on your home can be a costly process, but did you know that you can avail of recent Government tax breaks for renovations? They are available ...

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Rent Relief Tax Refunds

The Rent Relief tax credit has been phased out! Not only this, but the Revenue Commissioners are changing how the Rent Tax Credit (Rent Relief) can be claimed too. 2014 ...

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Undeclared Investment Properties

With this blog post, we are continuing on the property theme from our last blog about the Local Property Tax (LPT). At the risk of scaring you all off, ...

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The Importance Of Paying Your Local Property Tax

We are all well aware of and no doubt lament the introduction of the Local Property Tax (LPT) but now that it’s here, well, we’re just going ...

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Tax Credits Phased Out

€560 million provision for tax rebates! Some Tax Credits are being phased out. Every year the REVENUE makes a provision for tax due back to PAYE workers. In 2014 Irish Tax ...

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