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How To Claim Tax Back In Ireland

It’s that time of year again. Tax back time! 

Christmas can be expensive and it’s nice to get an extra cash injection in the new year. This is where a tax rebate can save the day. 

There are three ways you can go about claiming your tax back: 

1. Do Nothing and Miss Out on Cash
2. Do It Yourself Via The Revenue Commissioners
3. Use A Professional Tax Agent


1. Do Nothing and Miss Out on Tax Back 

This is possibly the worst option. You could miss out on thousands of Euro that could pay for your next summer holiday or go towards that mortgage deposit.  

Result:  Leaving behind money that is yours. 


2. Do It Yourself Via The Revenue Commissioners 

Sure, this is an option, if you know exactly what you’re doing. However, there are a lot of tax credits out there that you can claim for, and Revenue will not help you identify what you are entitled to.  

This can take a lot of time; finding out exactly what tax credits you are entitled to, navigating the necessary forms, providing documentation, and more than likely, a lot of back and forth if you have missed some steps. 

Also, if you are unsure of how to calculate your taxes correctly and miss out on tax credits, you may end up owing money to Revenue. 

Result: A lot of time wasted and usually less money. 


3. Use A Professional Tax Agent 

This is a great option if you want to save time and are not quite sure what you are entitled to.  

There are some great tax agents out there, but also some cowboys. The good guys will get you every cent you are owed and won’t charge an arm and a leg. The rogue operators, however, will do the bare minimum, charge huge fees (up to 30%), and can be a struggle to get your cash from. 

So, let’s see how they match up. 

Irish Tax Rebates 7% (+VAT) €1,092
My Tax Refund ( 10% €1,075 15% €1,020
Online Tax Rebates ( 30% €720


Best Result: Irish Tax Rebates 

Irish Tax Rebates is a trusted tax agent with 20+ years of experience and with over 325,000 customers. Our team of qualified tax accountants fight hard to get you every cent you are owed. We charge the lowest fee around, and best of all, if there is no rebate due, we don’t charge you a cent. Apply for your tax rebate today.

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