We do the checking. You get the cheque!

We do the checking. You get the cheque!

Formulated from 20+ years’ experience serving 300,000 taxpayers in Ireland, our unique 40-point check is the comprehensive tax review we undertake for each of our customers. This means you’re guaranteed the highest rebate possible. ​

Get the highest rebate possible.​

With over 20 years’ experience we can guarantee you the highest tax rebate possible. Unleash the rebate veterans who fight smarter and harder for what you’re owed.

No rebate, no fee.​

If you’re not entitled to any tax back, we never charge you a fee, so you’ve nothing to lose. If you are due a rebate, we offer the lowest fee in Ireland, just 7%. Our competitors charge up to 15%!

What we check

​The 40-point check covers multiple reliefs, tax credits, allowances and other rebates that may be due to you across 6 core pillars: Your Job, Your Health, Your Family, Your Life Changes, Your Education, Your Recreation.

Your Job
Uniform expenses, working from home allowances, emergency tax, overpaid income tax, overpaid USC, and more.​
Your Health
Medical bills, health insurance, nursing home fees, carer fees, physiotherapy fees, and other medical costs. ​
Your Family
Caring for elderly relatives or children, marriage benefits (joint assessment), single parent allowances, and others.​
Your Life Changes
Getting married, leaving the country, starting a new job, re-assigned to work in Ireland, and other significant life events.​
Your Education
Tuition fees on third level education, and any other student or educational allowances.​
Your Recreation
The new Stay and Spend initiative and any further allowances that are introduced to boost recreational spending in Ireland.​
“Simple, fast, and accurate. Takes all of the hassle out of the refund procedure. They know what they are doing!”
Aoife O’Gorman
Co. Laois
“As they say, highest rebate, lowest fee! Just received my cheque this morning for €3,309. Have recommended to all my colleagues.”
John Quin
Co. Cork

How it Works

Fill and sign our 60-second online form
We complete our comprehensive tax review within 12 working days
We send you your tax rebate by bank transfer or cheque

Ready to Apply?

Simply complete this 60-second form, and we’ll complete our thorough 40-point check within just 12 working days. ​

If you’re due a rebate, we’ll send it to you by cheque or bank transfer – whatever you prefer. ​

If you’ve any questions, check out our FAQs, live chat with our Customer Service team, or email us at info@irishtaxrebates.ie.

Already Applied?

If you have already applied with Irish Tax Rebates in 2023, 2022 or any year before, there’s no need to apply again. We assess your taxes each year.
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If you’ve any questions, check out our FAQs, live chat with our Customer Service team, or email us at info@irishtaxrebates.ie.