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Claim Your ‘Working From Home’ Tax Rebate

There are more Irish taxpayers than ever who are now working from home and eligible to claim a special tax allowance each year.

The tax rebate allows you to claim money back on expenses such as broadband*, light and heating – utilities and costs that will be greater if your work is now substantially from home, either on a full or part time basis.

The majority of people who have either worked or are working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic are eligible to make a claim, if their employer has not directly re-imbursed them for these expenses. If you’ve worked from home in the past or are working from home now, you should apply to ensure that you get back what’s owed to you.

We’ve secured significant tax rebates for thousands of Ireland’s new remote workforce. To make your claim, simply click the button below to get started and we’ll secure your rebate for you.

*Please note that broadband costs are only eligible from the tax year 2020 onwards.

tax returns