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 In 2011, the Census showed that nearly 600,000 people in Ireland reported having a disability. Although this number is a huge percentage of the Irish population, Irish Tax Rebates have found that many people in Ireland are simply unaware of a number of tax credits and other forms of tax relief which may be available […]

Firstly, congratulations on your recent or upcoming nuptials! While there are many things that you need to decide upon today, tomorrow and over the course of your marriage, one of the most important decisions you and your spouse can make is how you are set to be taxed. Your tax assessment options In the Republic […]

One of the most positive outcomes from Budget 2017 was the decrease in USC rates. The budget outlined cuts which will benefit people in all tax brackets, with the aim of completely phasing out USC payments over the next five Budgets. However, as Irish Tax Institute president, Mark Barrett, declared: “The greatest percentage tax saving […]

Are you a single parent or the primary guardian of a child/children? If so, you may be eligible to receive the Single Person Child Carer Credit (SPCCC). However, a great deal of confusion surrounds this credit, as many people are unsure of what exactly is involved. To help you understand what you’re entitled to with […]

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With many of the tax breaks and credits from Budget 2016 coming into play on January 1st, you may be wondering about or re-evaluating the tax credits you’re entitled to claim. Families in Ireland qualify for a range of tax benefits, yet thousands of parents fail to claim tax back each year. Below are five […]

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One of the most anticipated aspects of Budget 2017, the new “help-to-buy” tax rebate scheme was introduced on October 11th to assist potential first-time homebuyers with gathering a deposit. With housing demand vastly outpacing supply, particularly in Dublin and other densely populated areas, the government is keen to stimulate the building of new homes and help thousands […]

Do you work in construction? Are you or have you been paid through the PAYE system in the past 4 years? Like many of our customers who works as tradesmen, site managers or labourers in the construction industry, you may be due tax back. There are numerous tax reliefs in place for construction workers, so […]

Claiming Tax back on Pensions

Establishing a pension fund is an incredibly smart and forward-thinking move to ensure you have the financial means and support necessary after you’ve retired from work. Whether adding 1% or 10% of annual earnings to their pension funds, many people don’t realise that the contribution payments they make every year are eligible for tax relief. […]

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Are you one of the estimated 400,000 people in Ireland that have health insurance fully or partially paid for by their employers? Did you know that you may be eligible to claim tax back on such health insurance schemes? Many people in Ireland assume that where health insurance is paid or part-paid by an employer, […]

Have you previously been employed on a short-term contract? Did you know, that even short-term workers such as  students working for the Summer, construction workers contracted for particular works, agency temps or factory workers, could be entitled to tax back? Read on to discover three such reasons why you may be eligible to claim tax […]

Are you Self Employed?

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