At Irish Tax Rebates we have a new staff member, Michael McCormack, who was recruited through KARE’s supported employment service. KARE is an organisation providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

Michael is employed as an office assistant, responsible to carry out vital work such as managing and filing our customers details, shredding documents, and general tidying duties in line with his role. We are delighted to have Michael as part of the team and more importantly, he enjoys working with us, saying “it’s a wonderful place to work.” Michael contributes to the team on his weekly visits with his positive personality and his ability to motivate his colleagues by sharing motivational quotes. 

Michael has a brilliant working relationship with his colleagues and in particular, our Customer Service Manager, Graham Aldren. When asked if there was a particular work colleague he would like to speak about during this article, he answered: 

“Graham Aldren because he is amazing. He is good businessman, he reminds me and others to keep busy and work well and he is helpful.” 

Graham & Michael

Michael gives Graham a ‘fist pump’ at our office in Athy.

Outside of work, Michael has several hobbies, to get out in the fresh air to exercise, a keen airplane enthusiast, he enjoys going to the airport and watching planes land and take off. He loves to learn about aircrafts, helicopters, and many other interesting things on the planet. He attended the Bray Air Show this year and was so excited to tell his work colleagues the following week when he came to work, his interest in and knowledge of aircrafts is astonishing. 

At Irish Tax Rebates, we share the same views as KARE; that people with intellectual disabilities are important and should be a part of their community like everyone else. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, has a right to make choices and take control over the direction of their life, has a right to education and the opportunity to learn new skills, has a right to have good friends and relationships, and should use their talents in a way that contributes to their community. 

We at Irish Tax Rebates are delighted to have Michael on our team and we take pride in providing an inclusive working environment. We would highly recommend for any company to work with KARE’s Supported Employment Service. 


Michael and Graham

Michael McCormack and Graham Aldren.