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Claiming Tax Back on Nursing Care Costs

tax back on nursing care

We are always surprised at the amount of people who do not realise that they can claim tax back on fees paid for nursing homes or home carers. You can claim tax back for any fees paid over the last 4 years.

If you are not doing so, you are essentially leaving quite a substantial amount of money on the table. After all, it can cost in the region of €50,000 a year for a bed in a nursing home while the average yearly cost of home carers (based on 40 hours of weekly care) can amount to almost €44,000.

I’m paying for nursing care fees for my Dad, am I still eligible for tax back?

Whether the nursing care is for yourself or someone else, if you are paying for the fees then you are the person eligible for tax relief. The rate of tax relief granted on nursing care and nursing home fees is granted at the highest rate of income tax that you are paying yourself.

What level of tax relief can I claim?

If you pay tax at the higher rate, tax relief on nursing home or nursing care fees can be claimed at the higher rate of tax i.e. 40% for 2015 tax year and 41% up to 2014 tax year.

Can I claim tax relief on the cost of paying for home nursing care?

Where qualified nurses are engaged on the advice of a medical practitioner to provide consistent care in the patient’s home, tax relief may be granted. This depends on whether:

1.A medical certificate can be provided which shows the nature of the patient’s illness, states that constant, professional nursing care is required and covers the full period for which tax relief on home nursing fees is being claimed.

2. The nurses providing the nursing care are fully qualified and their full names, addresses and qualifications can be supplied.

3. Receipts can be provided in respect of all payments to the nurses and a breakdown of the payments can be provided.

I also pay for additional nursing care for a patient in a nursing home, can I claim tax relief for this too?

Relief may also be allowed in respect of payments made by you for additional nursing care services. Again, the rate of tax relief will depend on the rate of income tax that you pay yourself.

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