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Are you due tax back on your uniform expenses?

Guide to claiming tax back for uniform expenses: 

Work uniforms refer to clothing that is required by the employer in order to perform their job, such as scrubs for Doctors and hospital workers. Many professionals are required to purchase and launder their own work uniforms, potentially leading to hundreds of euro of costs incurred.

But did you know that uniform tax credits fall under the flat rate expenses scheme? Which means you may be due tax back.

Claiming Tax Back for Work Uniforms:

There are many occupations in Ireland who are eligible to claim tax back for costs incurred for purchasing and/or maintaining their uniforms.

The top professions who qualify for the uniform tax allowance are listed below.

Doctors & Nurses

Hospital Doctors and Nurses are often required to purchase and/or launder their own uniforms necessary to complete their work. Fortunately, Nurses can claim up to €1,172 tax back for four years of expenses and Doctors can claim up to €1,112 tax back for four years of expenses incurred on their uniforms.

Nursing Assistants

As with Doctors and Nurses, Nursing Assistants are typically required to launder and/or purchase their work uniforms. If you are a Nursing Assistant and have never claimed uniform expenses on your taxes, you may be eligible to claim up to €841 tax back for the last four years.

Hospital Domestic Staff

Those who are employed as Hospital Domestic staff workers can claim up to €564 on flat rate expenses over a four year period for purchasing a uniform necessary to complete their work in a hospital.

These professions include General Operatives, Porters, Drivers, Attendants, Domestics, Laundry Operatives, Cooks, Catering Supervisors, Waitresses, Catering Staff and Kitchen Porters.

Cardiac Technicians

Many hospitals require Cardiac Technicians to buy and launder their own uniforms required to complete their job. However, those who have never claimed these expenses on their taxes are eligible to claim up to €339 tax back for the last four years of expenses.


School Principals, Teachers and SNA’s are eligible to claim up to €973 tax back for the last four years on flat rate expenses.


Overalls and hardhats are necessary for Engineer Employees in order for them to safely perform their duties.  Engineers who have never claimed theses expenses on their taxes may be eligible for a rebate up to €530 on the last four years of costs incurred. This also includes engineers employed by Civil Service, Local Authorities, Eircom, Coillte and OPW.


Hairdressers, Beauticians, Barbers, Nail Technicians and Stylists are often required by their employer to purchase and launder their own clothes for work. Those who have never claimed expenses incurred for their work uniforms are eligible to claim up to €256 tax back for four years of expenses.


A host of tradespeople are eligible to claim uniform expenses on their taxes and are eligible to claim up to €352 tax back for the last four years of expenses incurred.

This includes, Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Joiners, Painters, Polishers, Upholsterers and Wood Cutting Machinists, Bricklayers, Fitter Mechanics, Plasterers, Electricians, Mason, Roofer Slater, Tilers, Floor Layer, Stone Cutter, Drivers, Scaffolders, Sheeters, Steel Erectors and General Operatives.

Shop Assistants

Shop assistants employed by retailers are often required to purchase their own work clothes in order to perform their duties. If you have spent several years working in a shop, expenses incurred on purchasing work clothes can add up. Luckily, Shop Assistants are eligible to claim up to €194 tax back on uniform expenses for the last four years.

How to claim back uniform allowance?

Many people are unaware of the expenses they can claim tax back for. This is why a lot of people in Ireland don’t pursue claiming tax back on uniform expenses.

Those who can claim tax back on uniform expenses may be eligible for a rebate on a host of other tax credits. Check out our extensive list of professions who are eligible for flat rate expenses and what they can claim back.

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