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Tax Rebates for Christmas 2020

Are you due a Christmas bonus? 🎄

Thousands of Irish taxpayers have already applied for their Christmas tax rebate this year.

We’re working hard to process thousands of applications each week at the moment to make sure our customers get their rebates ASAP and have that extra cash for Christmas.

If you haven’t applied yet, then apply for your tax rebate here. 

Some of the tax rebates we’ve secured so far ahead of this Christmas season:

  • A nurse in Dublin – €2,332.47 (50% of nurses don’t ever apply for tax back on uniform expenses)
  • A chef in Cork – €407.02 (even though they are currently receiving the Covid payment)
  • A married couple in Mayo – €4,044.22 (they hadn’t claimed tax back in 4 years)
  • A factory worker in Monaghan – €937.17

And remember, if there is no rebate due to you, you don’t pay any fee. 

Last chance for 2016

We can review your taxes for the last 4 years. This means we always secure you the biggest rebate possible, and that you don’t leave any money you are owed in the pockets of Revenue.

The deadline for 2016 rebates is quickly approaching. You must apply now to secure any rebates you are owed for 2016.

Once the 22nd of December has passed, you will no longer be access any rebates you are owed for this year so don’t delay and apply for your rebate now.

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