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Rebate Superstar: Company Secretary – €6,800 Tax Back

At Irish Tax Rebates, we are committed to making sure our customers get back every cent of the overpaid tax and unclaimed credits they are owed from the Revenue Commissioners. Each year, we help people living and working across Ireland to claim back tens of thousands of euros, but we know there are plenty of people out there who are unaware that they are due back a tax rebate.

That’s why we’re sharing the stories of some of the biggest rebates we’ve been able to secure for our customers, so you can get inspired to apply for your rebate. Take a look at the story below to see how our expert Accountants always claim back every cent owed, no matter the circumstances!

Rebate Superstar  

Job Title: Company Secretary
Rebate: €6,799.84

April’s rebate superstar is a Company Secretary living and working in Dublin. As an office worker, this customer receives only PAYE income, so they were unsure whether or not they would be due back any rebate at all, but decided to get in touch with Irish Tax Rebates just in case.

Fortunately, our experts are meticulous and always know exactly where to look. They were able to identify a number of areas that this customer had not thought to look – two in particular that helped to bring their total rebate onto our leader board.

The first was Medical Insurance Relief, one of the many medical expenses that can be claimed back on your tax rebate. In general, you can claim up to 20% back on insurance premiums paid on policies for health insurance and dental insurance, including insurance paid on your behalf by your employer.

This customer was also able to claim back a significant amount in pension contributions, which can be claimed if you are contributing to a private pension fund. These Additional Voluntary Contributions can be claimed back at a certain percentage between 15% and 60%, based on your age range.

With these and other reliefs available for this Dublin-based secretary, our expert accountants were able to claim back €6,800 and deliver it straight into their bank account within 2 working weeks!

Do your circumstances sound similar to the story we shared here? You could be our next Rebate Superstar!

If you think that you could be due back money from the Revenue Commissioners, don’t waste another second – get in touch with our experts and let them help you claim back all your unclaimed credits and overpaid taxes. Fill out our 60 second tax rebate form and get back the money you are owed:


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