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Rebate Superstar: Electrician – €15,622 Tax Back

If there is anything that we have learned in over 20 years of helping people who live and work in Ireland secure their rebates, it’s that just about anyone can be due back a huge tax rebate. Each month, we will bring you stories about the highest rebates that we have secured for our customers to inspire people across the country to apply for their own rebate and get the money they’re owed. Check out the below article to see how our Accountants will always secure you the largest rebate possible – no matter your job!

Rebate Superstar

Job Title: Electrician

Rebate Secured: €15,622

Our rebate superstar for this month works in Cork as an Electrician. He wasn’t quite sure how to apply, or what credits and expenses he could claim, so he contacted our Accountants to help him secure his maximum rebate.

Using our unique 40-point check system, our Accountants got to work to figure out exactly how much money he was owed. As an electrician for a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company, this customer had a few years’ worth of unclaimed work expenses, which we were able to claim back for him. These expenses, called flat rate expenses, are expenditures that are made specifically in relation to a person’s occupation. For this customer, we were able to help him claim money back that was spent on uniforms, PPE, footwear, and other work-related purchases.

In addition to a few other areas in which he had unclaimed credits, our accountants also noted that he was being assessed independently from his spouse, which is quite common among our customers who are recently married. For married couples, some tax credits are doubled if they are assessed jointly, significantly increasing their maximum rebate. In addition, if you choose to be assessed jointly, the standard tax rate cut-off point can actually be increased by up to €24,800 if both partners are earning.

 With several years’ worth of unclaimed expenses and credits to look through, our expert accountants were able to claim back over €15,000 for this Cork-based Electrician, with a super-fast turnaround time of less than 2 working weeks!

Do your circumstances sound similar to the story we shared here? Thanks to Irish Tax Rebates, this customer was owed €15,622, and you could too!

Each year, thousands of people living and working in Ireland miss out on significant savings by not filing a tax rebate. Luckily, Irish Tax Rebates is here to help you claim back all your unclaimed credits and overpaid taxes from the Revenue Commissioners. Fill out our 60 second tax rebate form and get back the money you are owed:


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