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Rebate Superstar: Sales Manager – €13,582 Tax Back

Every year, we help our customers claim back thousands of Euros in overpaid and unclaimed tax credits by applying for their tax rebates. Many of our first-time customers tell us that were never even aware that they were due back money from the Revenue Commissioners, and so they never bothered to apply for a rebate before now.

These customers are often the ones who end up getting the most money back! In our Rebate Superstars series, we bring you the stories of these customers to show you that anyone, no matter their circumstances, can be due back a truly massive rebate – all you need to do is apply. Take a look at this month’s rebate superstar who claimed back €13,582!

Rebate Superstar  

Job Title: Sales Manager
Rebate: €13,582

This superstar, a Sales Manager from Cork, came to us hoping for a few quid back from the previous year’s PAYE income tax for them and their partner who works as a Nurse. They knew that they would be able to claim back some of their medical expenses and insurance relief, but they had no idea that they would be topping our rebate leader board!

In just 12 working days, our expert accountants combed through this couple’s finances to ensure they found every cent owed to them. While doing so, our accountants found an error in the system in this customer’s favour. As it turns out, this couple were paying tax for a Social Welfare payment that they were not actually receiving, which they would have never caught if they hadn’t come to us!

In addition to this error, this Cork-based couple were able to claim tax back on their medical expenses and medical insurance from previous years, and they were able to claim a few years’ worth of flat-rate expenses for the partner who works as a Nurse.

All in all, this Sales Manager went from expecting a few extra euros for the rainy day fund to receiving over €13,582 delivered directly to their bank account in less than one month!

Do your circumstances sound similar to these? You could be our next rebate superstar! Fill out our 60-second application form today and let us help you claim back the money you are owed:


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