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The New Stay and Spend Tax Rebate: Your Questions Answered

There’s been lots of talk about the new Government ‘Stay and Spend’ scheme, which launched on October 1st in an effort to boost the Irish hospitality sector. It’s good news for the Irish taxpayer. Simply put, if you eat out in an approved restaurant, or stay in approved accommodation, you can claim a tax rebate.  So whether you decide to take a much needed few nights away, or you’re heading out for dinner in your local restaurant, this tax credit is for you!


About the ‘Stay and Spend’ Scheme:

Who can apply for this Stay and Spend tax rebate?

The rebate will be offered to Irish taxpayers who support the hospitality industry by spending money on eating out in an approved restaurant, or staying in approved accommodation anywhere within the Republic of Ireland. So if you pay tax in Ireland and dine in a restaurant or take a night or two away (or both!) during the period of the scheme you should apply. Expenditures such as accommodation, food, and drinks (non-alcoholic!) can be claimed as part of the tax back scheme.


How much of a tax rebate will I get with the Stay and Spend Scheme?

The scheme offers a 20% tax rebate on hospitality spending for Irish taxpayers. The relief is capped at a €125 rebate for individuals spending up to €625; couples can claim up to €250 on a maximum of €1,250 spending.


When can I claim my tax back?

The scheme comes into effect on October 1st and runs until April 2021. So any expenditure in an approved restaurant or accommodation provider in the Republic of Ireland during this time is eligible. Remember that spending on things like alcoholic beverages will not count toward your tax back – itemised receipts will ensure that there are no questions when you go to claim your tax back.


Top tax tip: keep your receipts! It is very important that you keep all evidence of your expenditures including receipts, etc. You will need these to get your rebate!


How can I claim this tax rebate?

Already a client of Irish Tax Rebates? Either from the 30th of April 2021 or when you have spent more than €625.00 as a single person or €1,250.00 as a married couple, please send the receipts to us via email at or by post, quoting your PPS number.

We here at Irish Tax Rebates will carry out a full tax review including the ‘Stay and Spend’ tax credit – making sure you get back every penny you are owed! Simply sign up using our 60 second online form:

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