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No P60? – No Problem: Your 2019 Tax Rebate Questions Answered

Wondering why you haven’t received a P60 this year? Confused about how to apply for your 2019 tax back without one? 

Our expert Accountants explain the recent changes to the PAYE system and how they will affect your 2019 tax rebate.

There has been a lot of talk about changes to the Revenue Commissioners PAYE system, and you may be wondering if or when you’ll receive a P60 this year.

Our expert Accountants have over 20 years of experience helping people to claim their maximum tax rebates. Here, they have answered a few of your most frequently asked questions about the recent PAYE changes and how you can claim your 2019 tax back.


1) Will I receive a P60 this year?

The short answer, no. The P60 certificate, which previously outlined your total pay and deductions including PRSI, USC, and PAYE, has now been replaced by the online Employment Detail Summary.

This change to the PAYE system, the biggest and most significant in 60 years, was undertaken by the Revenue Commissioners. 


2) When and how can I apply for my 2019 rebate?

Whenever you are ready! In previous years, you would have only been able to begin the rebate application process after receiving your P60 within the first 6 weeks of the year.

Now, there is no need to wait. Your 2019 details are live on the Revenue Commissioners system and our experts at Irish Tax Rebates are ready to assess your 2019 taxes and start processing your rebate.

Once you complete and sign the form, the experts at Irish Tax Rebates will complete a full and thorough tax review to ensure that you claim back for every possible credit and relief.


3) Why do I need to consult a tax expert?

Because you deserve all of your money back. The new Revenue system doesn’t inform you about many of the deductions, credits and reliefs you might be entitled to, so you run the risk of unclaimed tax rebates!

This is why we always recommend having a qualified Accountant assess your taxes. With an experienced tax professional on your case, you can rest assured that you are getting your maximum tax rebate.

That’s where we come in. Our experts dig deep to identify every available entitlement including:


Last year, our clients received an average rebate of €1,057 within 12 working days of filling out our 60-second online form!

“While the Employment Detail Summary eliminates a significant amount of paperwork, it does not help you to identify the credits and reliefs you are due – this makes it crucial to consult an expert who can uncover whether you’re due a larger rebate.”

– Martin Brennan, Managing Director, MB Tax Group

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to claim your tax rebate:


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