Retail workers of Ireland – it’s time to claim back the money that Revenue owes you! We work with thousands of retail workers each year to claim their tax back – and the average rebate is €1,057!

So, now you might be wondering what €€€ you are owed, and how you can claim this money back. Read on!


What retail workers are eligible for a tax rebate?

Anyone working in retail Ireland can (and should!) apply for a tax rebate. Whether you are part-time or full-time, and whatever your position is in-store, you could easily have overpaid your tax or be entitled to certain tax credits or tax reliefs.

There are a number of entitlements you may be eligible for as a retail employee. Here are the most common types of entitlements we are able to claim tax back on for our retail customers.


Flat rate employment expenses for retail workers

Flat rate expenses are costs that are incurred by an employee on items that they require in order to be able to do their job.

Common expenses can include:

  • Uniform expenses or any other required clothing you need to do your job
  • Required footwear or headwear
  • Materials/tools/equipment needed for your job
  • PPE including masks or gloves (if your employer requires you to have them)


Other tax credits and tax reliefs for retail workers

As well as flat rate expenses, there is a long list of entitlements and credits available for employees to claim, depending on their individual circumstances. Some of the more common credits and reliefs we regularly claim for retail workers are:

Marriage Tax Rebates: Whether you’re recently married or tied the knot a long time ago, we find that married couples can often overpay their taxes, whether they are assessed jointly or as individuals. In fact, 8 out of 10 married couples are due a tax rebate.

Tax Relief for Students: Many students in Ireland take on jobs in the retail industry while attending college or university. If you are a student in Ireland working part time, you are likely due money back from the Revenue Commissioners. As well as this, if you have paid, or are paying tuition fees – you could be due tax back here as well.

Tax Back on Medical Expenses: Anyone who pays tax in Ireland is entitled to 20% tax back on many day-to-day and specialist medical expenses, for example visits to GPs or consultants, prescription costs, or maternity care. Over half of the workforce who are entitled to this money back don’t actually claim it. Make sure you do – and keep your receipts!

The list goes on: In addition to the above, you may be able to claim any number of other tax credits or entitlements when applying for your tax rebates, such as overpaid income tax, single parent family credits, or mortgage interest relief.


That’s where being a tax expert comes in handy! Our team are fully versed in each and every rebate, credit, and relief that you could possibly be entitled to. Making sure you get all your money back.

So what are you waiting for? Find out whether you have money waiting for you by filling out our 60-second application form. And when you get the good news text from us, don’t forget to tell your retail colleagues!


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