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Receive Your Tax Rebate By Bank Transfer

Want To Receive Your Rebate Straight Into Your Bank Account? No Problem!

So you’ve just received our good news text – you’re due a tax rebate! 🥳

(If you haven’t applied then what are you waiting for?! Apply here).

Before you start dreaming up ways to spend your cash, we wanted to let you know that you can now receive your money back via bank transfer (instead of a cheque).

Not only will this mean you don’t need to go to the bank, but the funds will also hit your account much quicker. This is fully optional, and we’ll continue to send cheque payments to anyone who prefers.


So what happens next?

  • You’ll receive an email from us, and we will invite you to log in to our secure portal, and to send us your IBAN details.
  • Once you have received the invite, please log in using your email address as your User Name and your PPS Number as your Password.
  • Your rebate will then be lodged directly into your account. Time to get spending!
The security of our payments is always our number one concern, and we may require you to send us some verification of your transfer request, in the form of photo ID and a utility bill, as per below:
Photo ID
  • Option 1. This must be a copy of your Driving Licence and your Passport.
  • Option 2. If you only have one of the above, please send a picture of yourself holding the photo ID, so that we can clearly verify your identity within the document.
Utility Bill
  • Option 1. A copy of your Electricity or Gas bill clearly showing your name and address
  • Option 2. A copy of a financial statement clearly showing your name and address
Once we have these verified, we will effect the payment, otherwise we will post a crossed cheque to you.


Got A Question? Get In Touch With Irish Tax Rebates:

Our tax rebate team is always on hand to help!

If you wish to contact us, there are a number of ways you can do it:

Phone us: Call our offices on 059 8634794.


Live Chat: On desktop? Click the link below to begin a live chat with a member of our team. On mobile? Open the menu on the top right, and you’ll see a link to chat with us there.

Facebook PM: send us your queries via the Irish Tax Rebates Facebook page.

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