Are you a healthcare worker? If so, this one’s for you! Did you know it’s very likely that you are due some tax back from the Revenue Commissioners that you’re not aware of?

Our tax rebate customers in the healthcare sector include doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, occupational therapists, laboratory technicians, home carers and many others.

We know that healthcare workers are under an incredible amount of pressure, particularly over the last few months. That is why we have put together this list of common tax credits claimed by employees in the medical sector, so you can begin claiming back the money you are owed.


 Flat rate employment expenses for healthcare workers

If you work in healthcare in Ireland, you may be eligible to claim tax back on certain purchases you require to do your job, under the Flat Rate Expenses allowance.

Expenses frequently incurred by healthcare professionals include:

  • Uniform expenses or any other required clothing you need to do your job
  • Required footwear or headwear
  • Materials/tools/equipment needed for your job
  • PPE including masks or gloves (if your employer does not provide these)

The amount you can claim back from these expenses is fixed and dependent upon your specific profession. For this specific information, read our Flat Rate Expenses in the Health Sector page.


Medical and Non-Routine Dental Expenses

 Often, medical professionals forget to take care of their own health – but just because you work in the health sector doesn’t mean that you won’t incur medical expenses. There is an assortment of medical expenses for which you may be able to claim tax relief, including:

  • Doctor and consultant fees
  • Prescriptions
  • Maternity care
  • Non-routine dental expenses
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological care

Relief for medical expenses is given at 20%, provided you haven’t already claimed the money back from insurance, public authority or other source of compensation. Learn more about types of medical expenses you can claim. There are many you might not be aware of!


 Tuition fees

Are you a recently graduate employee in the health sector? Or have you, like thousands of other medical professionals, undertaken part-time higher education while you are working? If you have, you may have paid (or may currently be paying) tuition fees. But did you know that you may be eligible to claim tax back on any tuition completed within the last 4 years?

Both full-time and part-time students may be eligible for tax relief on tuition fees, up to a maximum of €7,000 per course, per person, per academic year. This is a commonly overlooked tax relief which we often find that thousands of our healthcare customers are entitled to.


Permanent health benefit contributions

As a healthcare professional, you might take part in an income continuance scheme that ensures income continuance in the event that you are absent from work due to injury or illness. If you are enrolled in such a scheme, you may be eligible for tax relief at 10% on the premiums that you paid – provided the scheme is approved by the Revenue Commissioners.


It’s time to get your tax back

We know that everyone in the healthcare community has been working tirelessly to keep Ireland safe and healthy, and we want to help you get back the money you are owed! Fill out our 60-second tax back form today and let us handle the rest – so while you’re busy saving lives, we can get busy saving you money:


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