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Revenue Not Releasing Your Rebate? Here’s 8 Possible Reasons Why

Are you eagerly waiting for a tax rebate or refund from the Revenue Commissioners, but it seems like they’re just not playing ball? If you find yourself in this frustrating situation, you’re not alone. Many individuals face delays or issues when it comes to receiving their hard-earned money back. 

But why is that? When does Revenue give you your tax back? Let’s delve into the common reasons for delays in receiving your tax rebate. The following 8 reasons can help you navigate the process more efficiently, understand why trusting a tax expert like Irish Tax Rebates can fix any further issues, and also, get you your tax back sooner.


1. You May Have a Historical Tax Year Outstanding to File with Revenue

Revenue has become very efficient at flagging outstanding years where there are underpayments of tax in Ireland. And if you are one of these individuals who have not dealt with underpayments, you will not be able to avail of a rebate going forward. So, how do you pay your underpayment of tax? Irish Tax Rebates can help with this by claiming the maximum amount of tax credits due to reduce your underpayment of tax.


2. You May Have an Outstanding Income Tax Return 

Another reason why Revenue is not releasing your rebate is that you could possibly have been self-employed at some stage, and have not submitted all of your income tax returns. You will never receive a rebate until all outstanding income tax return Form 11s are up to date. Luckily, our sister company, Tax Return Plus, can assist you in getting all your income tax returns up to date.


3. You May Have an Outstanding Issue with Your Local Property Tax 

If you don’t file your Local Property Tax (LPT) return, Revenue will withhold any refunds being issued to you as you have not complied with the LPT filing rules. Another LPT issue comes with underpaying, or not paying, your LPT with any refund you are due being offset against your LPT underpayment.

For assistance with your LPT, you may wish to call the LPT Branch on 1890 200 255 (ROI only). The fastest way is to log into your LPT online account where all outstanding liabilities will be listed and can be paid online. Once you have finalised those outstanding LPT issues, Irish Tax Rebates can assist you with any other tax rebates that may be due to you.


4. You May Be Experiencing a Level 1 Compliance Intervention 

Revenue is continuously issuing taxpayers Level 1 Compliance Interventions. This type of compliance check means they are regularly looking into the tax credits you are claiming such as; medical expenses, tuition fees, working from home relief and more. It’s important to always be vigilant when Revenue requests these details as it can cause long delays or even non-issue of rebates as many people tend to ignore these queries. We always advise seeking professional advice on these matters of compliance – our staff at Irish Tax Rebates are highly knowledgeable and experts on these types of tax issues, so contact us if you are experiencing such an issue.


5. There May be Department of Social Protection Issues

You may have been in receipt of Social Welfare, however, sometimes the details on your Revenue Profile are incorrect. To fix this issue, we just require your statement from the DSP department so we can do the calculations for you and ensure you get your tax back – and maybe even more if you were taxed incorrectly on these payments.


6. You May Be Working in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Another reason for a withheld rebate is that you may have worked in the Republic of Ireland for a period of time and due a rebate, but the Revenue Commissioners require details of your income from Northern Ireland. Irish Tax Rebates can do these income tax calculations for you and ensure you get your tax back from Revenue as soon as possible.


7. You May be Experiencing a General Revenue Backlog

In addition to the possible reasons above, the time of year of your request may also play a role in your rebate release. If you’re unaware, the second half to the end of the year is the busiest time period for Revenue. Without even considering the Budget, the end of Q3 and all of Q4 play host to numerous important tax deadlines including income tax, capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax, corporation tax, local property tax and more. So basically, your request is time of year dependent, and may have nothing to do with the reasons above. 


8. You May Have Incorrectly Claimed with Another Tax Agent

Lastly, Revenue may not be releasing your rebate if you have proceeded with another Tax Agent in the past, and experienced issues regarding incorrect claims made on your behalf. However, when you choose Irish Tax Rebates, we guarantee this will not be an issue. Trusted by more than 300k clients in Ireland, we can help you with any previous issues and get you every cent you are owed.


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