For many people, taxation is a topic of discussion they like to avidly avoid. However, in avoiding any dealings with taxation, you could then miss out on a sizable tax rebate. The long list of tax credits and reliefs you may be eligible for could surprise you.

Therefore, it’s always best to check to make sure you’re not missing out on any rightfully deserved tax rebates. Still shuddering at the thought of engaging in any conversation or process regarding taxation? This list of 5 undebatable reasons why you absolutely must apply for a tax rebate.


1. Waste not, want not!

You can only ever apply for a tax rebate for the past four tax years. For example, by January 2017, you’ll no longer be able to claim tax back for the year 2012. Even if you massively overpaid tax in 2012, it’s completely off limits as soon as it chimes midnight on the 31st of December, 2016.

Unfortunately, since many people prefer to steer clear from pursuing any tax matters, instead of claiming back what we’re owed, we miss out massively.

2. It’s time to treat yourself

With Irish Tax Rebates, the average tax refund our customers have received is an incredible €1,100. This amount of money could make a real difference in your life whether it’s putting groceries on the table or finally paying for the sun holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

This refund is now incredibly easy to receive as you can apply to get a tax rebate online simply by applying online.

3. The odds are in your favour

Three out of four people are found to be eligible for a tax rebate by our tax experts. Therefore the chance that you are owed tax back is incredibly high. Even if you have correctly paid the right amount of tax and USC, which so many people haven’t, there are plenty of other reasons you may be owed a refund.

For example, if you paid fees for an approved college course, covered medical costs for yourself or a loved one, or even had your home renovated, you could claim tax back on the expenses. In fact, the list of things you may be due tax back for is extensive.

That’s why it’s recommended you hire a tax rebates company to do the hard work of sifting through which credits and reliefs you could be owed.

4. The ball is in your court

With millions of people paying taxes in Ireland, the Revenue Office certainly won’t be chasing you to make sure you’ve claimed all the tax back you’re entitled to. It’s up to you to discover if you’ve been availing of all the tax credits you’re entitled to, have claimed back all your expenses and to check to see if you’re due a tax credit rebate.

Luckily, even though it’s your responsibility, you don’t have to manage this process alone. Irish Tax Rebates are available to take care of all the arduous paperwork, meaning all you have to do is fill out a simple online application form.

5. Better Safe than Sorry

Many clients have been absolutely positive they have availed of all possible tax credits and aren’t owed any tax back. This just makes the surprise of receiving a tax rebate cheque in the mail all the sweeter, after signing up for our tax rebate process.

While it may be an old saying, you really can never be too sure! Since the list of tax reliefs and tax credits is extensive, it’s always best to double check.


Want to apply for tax back?

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