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Rebate Superstar: Account Manager – €6,970 Tax Back

Every year, people living and working in Ireland miss out on thousands of Euros by not applying for their tax rebates. However, what most people don’t know is that anyone, no matter their job or circumstances, can be due back a massive rebate – you just need to know where to look! 

That’s where Irish Tax Rebates comes in. We have over 20 years of experience in ensuring our customers get their maximum rebates, and we have secured some truly massive rebates over the years. Every month, we will be sharing stories about the huge rebates that we have secured for our customers so that you can see just how much you might be able to get back by working with ITR! 

Rebate Superstar  

Job Title: Account Manager 

Rebate Secured: €6,970 

One of this month’s highest rebates was secured by our expert Accountants for an Account Manager at a large, multi-national company in Dublin City. This customer was unsure whether they would even be due a rebate at all, but decided to contact Irish Tax Rebates just to be sure.  

Luckily, our Accountants use a unique 40-point check system for every single customer to ensure that they don’t miss a single cent. We were unable to uncover unclaimed tax credits and expenses going back a few years for a truly massive rebate.  

Each person is eligible for a different range of credits and expenses when it comes to applying for a rebate – in this customer’s case, the main bulk of the rebate came from unclaimed medical expenses and marriage tax credits.  

  • Marriage Credits: Many people forget to change their tax status after they get married or, in some cases, choose not to change their status in order to continue being assessed separately. If both partners are earning an income, then the standard tax rate cut-off point can actually be increased by up to €24,800 if you choose to be assessed jointly. In addition, some tax credits are doubled when you are assessed jointly, creating the potential for significant tax back.
  • Medical Expenses: All PAYE employees can claim tax back on a range of medical expenses, including doctor’s visits, maternity care, laser eye treatment, dental expenses, physiotherapy, and medical insurance premiums. Our accountants identified a number of years’ worth of expenses this customer had made but never claimed back, significantly increasing their rebate total.  

By trusting our expert accountants to handle their tax rebate, this customer had close to €7,000 appear in their bank account within 12 days of getting in touch with our team.  


Do your circumstances sound similar to this customer’s story? You could be next month’s Rebate Superstar! Get in touch with Irish Tax Rebates today and let our accountants find out just how much money you’re owed from the Revenue Commissioners. Fill out our 60 second tax rebate form to start your rebate journey:

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