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Five Ways for Factory Workers to Maximise their Tax Rebates

Do you work in a factory in Ireland? If the answer is yes, did you know that it’s likely you’re due a tax rebate?

We’ve helped factory workers across Ireland, including general operators, assemblers, technicians, electricians, material handlers and more, access a huge range of tax reliefs and credits that they didn’t even know they were owed from Revenue.

With so many tax reliefs and credits, how do you know if you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to? The number of tax credits and reliefs that you can claim will change year to year and will depend on your circumstances.

To start, take a look at these 5 common tax credits and reliefs that our expert accountants claim for factory workers each year – many of them are due rebates of over €1,000.


1. Flat Rate Employment Expenses 

If you work in a factory setting, you might be eligible to claim tax back on purchases under the Flat Rate Expenses tax allowance. If you spend money on items that you need for your job, you may be able to claim these as flat rate expenses.

Expenses frequently claimed include:

  • Uniform expenses or any required clothing
  • Required footwear or headwear
  • Materials/tools/equipment needed for your job
  • PPE including masks or gloves (if your employer does not provide these)

The amount you can claim back from these expenses is fixed and will depend on the exact nature of your work. Simply apply here and we’ll be able to assess this for you.


2. Medical and Non-Routine Dental Expenses 

We know that working extra hours, overtime or night shifts makes it difficult to get to the doctor – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have medical expenses. There is a variety of medical expenses that, as a factory or shift worker, you may be able to claim tax relief on, including:

  • Doctor and consultant fees
  • Prescriptions
  • Maternity care
  • Non-routine dental expenses
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological care

Relief for medical expenses is given at 20%, as long as you haven’t already claimed the money back from insurance, public authority or other source of compensation.


3. Tax Credits for Parents 

There are lots of tax credits, allowances, and reliefs available for parents in Ireland. For example, the Single Person Child Carer Credit for those caring for a child or children on their own, or tuition fees if you are paying for a child to attend a third-level, foreign language or informational technology course.

The amount of relief, and the types of allowances you can claim is very much dependant on your individual circumstances – but if you have children – it’s very likely you’re due some money back! Check out our Tax Relief for Parents page to learn more about this and other tax reliefs available to families. Once you apply to Irish Tax Rebates, we’ll be able to assess your specific circumstances and make sure you claim back all you are owed from Revenue.


4. Emergency Tax 

If you recently started a new job, you may be eligible to claim emergency tax as part of your rebate. Emergency tax is not automatically repaid to taxpayers by the Revenue Commissioners, which means you will need to be proactive to claim this money back.

Emergency tax is extra tax that gets deducted from an employee’s pay for the period of time prior to providing the employer with their personal tax information. If the employer does not have all of this information, then the employee will not be able to benefit from their full scope of tax credits and may end up paying more tax than is necessary. In order to avoid emergency taxation, your employer must receive an up-to-date Certificate of Tax Credits and Cut-Off Points.

If you have started a new job in the last few years and are unsure of whether you paid emergency tax at any point, get in touch with one of our experts to be certain.


5. Stay and Spend

The new Stay and Spend scheme allows Irish taxpayers to claim tax back on money spent in the hospitality sector. The scheme allows you to claim tax back on any money you spend on things such as accommodation, food, and non-alcoholic drinks in approved restaurants and accommodation providers. This means that you can book that night away or dine out at your favourite restaurant guilt-free, as the expenditure will actually count toward your tax back!

Visit this page for more information about how much you can claim through this scheme and how to apply.


All Factory Workers Should Apply!

If you are a factory worker living and working in Ireland and are unsure about whether you can claim these tax credits, contact our team of tax experts at Irish Tax Rebates.

We have the highest average tax rebate in Ireland and the lowest fee; and if you aren’t owed any tax back, there is no fee applied.


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