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How to Claim Tax Back for Employment Expenses

Guide to Claiming Tax Back for Employment Expenses: 

Let’s face it, no one wants to pay more tax than they have to; however, you might not even realise you’re doing it! Many of us have professions that allow us to claim tax back for employment expenses, but either don’t realise or don’t think it’s worth the paperwork.

There are thousands of PAYE workers in Ireland who are eligible to claim tax back on employment related expenses. To ensure you’re not missing out on unclaimed tax on employment expenses, we’ve compiled a complete guide of everything you need to know.

What are employment expenses?

These are expenses incurred in the performance of the duties of your employment and which are directly related to the ‘nature of the employee’s employment’. For example, tools for carpenters or electricians, or uniforms for nurses or paramedics.

Since these items are essential in order to conduct your duties of employment, you are eligible for tax relief on sums paid for such expenses or purchases. The expenses you claim tax back for must have been spent entirely on items essential to complete your work and nothing else.

What expenses can I claim tax relief for?

You can claim tax relief if you have had to buy and launder your own uniform. This can be particularly common with professions such as nurses, shop assistants, hotel and hospital staff, pilots, stewards, physiotherapists, pharmacists and opticians.

Another very common expense eligible for tax relief is the purchase of tools and overalls by tradesmen e.g. carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, electricians etc.

Who can claim employment expenses?

There are over 200 professions recognised by the Revenue Commissioners as eligible for tax relief/deductions on employment expenses including:

• Doctors



•  Journalists

• Clergymen

• Hotel industry employees

• Firefighters

• Shop Assistants

• Teachers

Essentially, anyone from nurses to construction workers, to beauticians to hotel workers to shop assistants or even book-binders can claim tax back for certain employment expenses. The amounts vary depending on your profession and different rates that are available, depending on what you provide for your work.

How can I claim tax back?

Many people are unaware of the employment expenses they can claim tax back for. This is why a lot of people in Ireland don’t pursue claiming tax back on expenses.

If you are still unsure about claiming tax relief on employment expenses you have incurred are, contact our team of tax experts at Irish Tax Rebates. We advise on tax relief applicable to your expenses and help you to get your money back in a matter of weeks.

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