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Rebate Superstar: Nurse – €10,366 Tax Back

It’s been a busy year so far, and with COVID-19 changing the way the world operates, we know that taking the time to apply for a tax rebate may not necessarily be a priority right now. However, making sure that people living and working in Ireland get back all the money they’re owed from the Revenue Commissioners is always a priority for Irish Tax Rebates.  

That’s why we’re bringing you the stories of some of the highest rebates we’ve been able to secure for our customers – to show you that if you leave all the hard work to us, you could have a cheque in hand in a matter of days without having to lift a finger! Take a look at this month’s rebate superstar below to see how our Expert Accountants can always claim back every cent you’re owed, no matter your circumstances.

Rebate Superstar  

Job Title: Nurse

Rebate Secured: €10,366

This rebate superstar, a nurse living and working in Meath, got in touch with our Accountants after realising they did not have the time to apply for a rebate themselves. As a busy healthcare professional, it is quite difficult to find the time and energy to scour through old receipts and expenses, and they were not quite sure where to start.

As soon as they got in touch, our Accountants went to work. Using our unique 40-point check system, they were able to determine that this nurse had quite a few unclaimed tax credits, alongside an entire year of medical/health expenses that could be claimed back from the Revenue Commissioners.

Medical expenses such as those incurred for doctor’s visits, prescriptions, eye treatments, maternity care, and dental work can all be claimed back on a tax rebate. This particular nurse had accrued quite a few of these expenses over the previous year, but had not yet claimed back for them. In addition, their married status allowed them to claim double on some credits while also increasing their standard tax rate cut-off point, ensuring a truly astounding maximum rebate. 

Our expert accountants were able to claim back over €10,000 for this Meath-based Nurse and deliver it straight into their bank account within 2 working weeks!

Do your circumstances sound similar to the story we shared here? You could be next month’s Rebate Superstar!


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