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Rebate Superstars: Production Operative – €13,795 Tax Back

If we’ve learned anything in over 20 years of securing rebates for people living and working in Ireland, it’s that anyone can be due back a massive rebate – in fact, it’s often the people who least expect it who get back the most! We know that many people believe it’s not worth the hassle of filing for tax back if they’ll only get a few quid, so we’ll be sharing stories each month about the huge rebates we secured for our customers that have topped the leader board. Check out the story below to see how our Accountants will always secure you the largest rebate possible – no matter your job! 

Rebate Superstar  

Job Title: Production Operative  

Rebate Secured: €13,795 

This month’s highest rebate was claimed by our Accountants for a man living and working in Galway. This man is a full time Production Operative at a large medical device manufacturing company with no additional sources of income. Never having filed for a tax rebate before, he turned to our expert Accountants at Irish Tax Rebates for assistance.  

With several years of unclaimed savings, our experts spent time combing through his finances using our unique 40-point check system to uncover every cent that had gone unclaimed or overpaid. In the case of this customer, the bulk of his rebate came from two areas: Flat Rate Expenses and Tax Credit Errors.  

  • Flat Rate Expenses: are expenditures made specifically in relation to your occupation. For a Production Operative, this means claiming money back that was spent on uniform, PPE, footwear etc.. Our Accountants were able to find a large sum of unclaimed Flat Rate Expenses from the last 4 years – increasing his rebate significantly.  
  • Standard Tax Credits: these are deductions that eligible people can claim against their taxes each year. Most errors here occur when a person changes their personal circumstances, such as getting married, changing jobs, enrolling in a course etc. We were able to rectify the tax credit errors for this customer, and in the end secured him a massive rebate.  

Our expert accountants were able to uncover over €13,000 for this Production Operative in Galway in record time. With an average turnaround time of 12 working days, this customer received his rebate of €13,795 within the monthDo your circumstances sound similar? You could be our next largest rebate of the month!  

If you haven’t applied for your rebate this year, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of people living and working in Ireland miss out on significant savings by not filing a tax rebate.  Luckily Irish Tax Rebates is here to help you claim back all the money you’re owed from the Revenue Commissioners 


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