The Rent Relief tax credit has been phased out! Not only this, but the Revenue Commissioners are changing how the Rent Tax Credit (Rent Relief) can be claimed too. 2014 was effectively the last year that you could apply tax back for rent relief online.


rental tax credit


From 2015 onward, Rent Relief tax refunds can only be claimed by manually completing the necessary paperwork. This will mean lots of form filling and a fair amount of time consuming process, sending it into Revenue for assessment, waiting for your application to be assessed etc.

Also, don’t forget that you can only claim tax back for rent relief as far as four years previously. That means, that if you have been renting in 2010 – 2014 was the last year you can claim for rent relief tax refunds for that year! As Revenue has scrapped the Rent Tax Credit (Rent Relief) completely in 2017, you need to benefit from this great tax credit while you still can.

Did you know that if you have not claimed any Rent Relief in the past four years, you could qualify for tax refunds of up to €1,560 over the four year period. The Rent Relief tax credit is applicable to all those who pay for private rented accommodation including houses and apartments.

Those who pay rent for local authority housing are exempt however. Tax back on rent relief can only be claimed by individuals who have been renting prior to December 7th 2010, those who only began renting after this period are not eligible to apply.

There are some further exemptions from this tax credit, including rent paid for army accommodation and different apply depending on your age (under 55/over 55) and marital status (single/married/widowed etc.).


Claim Tax Back on Rent Relief

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