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Claiming Tax Back – The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Irish Tax Rebates: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Irish Tax Rebates, we receive a lot of questions from our clients via phone, e-mail and social media each week regarding the process of claiming tax back. We have compiled the answers for our most frequently asked questions into this article to help guide those interested in getting money back.


How much of a tax rebate could I get back?

That depends on the level of overpayment on tax, the tax credits applicable and several other factors. The average tax rebate for Irish Tax Rebates customers is €1,092 with individual rebates issued by Irish Tax Rebates reaching as high as €20,000 and more.


What tax can I claim back?

Tax rebates can result from overpayment of USC and income tax.  You may also be able to claim tax back on tuition fees, dental or medical expenses paid over the last 4 years.  If you have changed personal circumstances and got married or divorced in the last 4 years, it is also important to check if you are due tax back. Other tax credits relating to your family that you may be eligible to claim are Employing a Carer, Dependent Relative which is worth €245 per year or the Single Person Child Carer Credit.

Many PAYE workers are not aware of what tax relief they can claim by way of flat rate expenses.  Flat rate expenses are expenses that are incurred in the performance of the duties of employment and are directly related to the nature of employment, for example; tools or uniforms.

Depending on what your occupation is, one cannot assume that the Revenue Commissioners have all the correct information.  Flat rate expenses are allowable at your higher rate of tax; therefore, this can be quite a valuable tax credit!


How many years can you claim tax back for?

You can claim a tax rebate for the previous 4 years. Even if your Statement of Liability from Revenue does not indicate that any tax back is due, it is still worth having it checked with an expert tax back service such as ourselves at Irish Tax Rebates, as Revenue will not check if you are due tax back on tax credits you are not currently claiming.

Mistakes do happen and many potential rebates unfortunately go unclaimed. Once it is more than 4 years after the end of that tax year, you are unable to check or claim tax back for that tax year.  It is therefore worth requesting a tax review at least once every 12 months.


Who can claim tax back?

If over the last 4 years you have been taxed incorrectly while in employment, have paid emergency tax, have been made redundant, went on maternity leave, experienced a gap in employment, have undertaken a fee-paying college course or paid medical expenses, you may be eligible for tax back. 3 out of every 4 Irish Tax Rebates customers have been found eligible for a tax rebate.


Do I need to have copies of receipts for expenses?

Yes, it is necessary to have copies of receipts for any expenses that you wish to claim tax relief on. If you cannot locate the receipts for medical or dental expenses, contact your doctor, clinic or dentist and ask them to re-send you a copy.

Send a copy of your receipts to Irish Tax Rebates – please note, we cannot return these as they are required for Revenue records so ensure to make a copy of each receipt for yourself.


I’ve since moved away from Ireland, can I still claim a tax refund?

If you have lived and worked in Ireland over the last 4 years, you may be eligible for a tax rebate and can apply to claim tax back regardless of where you live now in the world. This also includes the current year, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the tax year, you just need the date you ceased employment and the date you left the country to apply.


How much will it cost to claim a rebate?

Irish Tax Rebates has the highest average tax rebate in Ireland and the lowest fee. This means you’re guaranteed the highest rebate possible. Plus, no rebate, no fee, no catch! If you’re not entitled to any tax back, we don’t charge a fee, so you have nothing to lose. Take a look at our amazing TrustPilot reviews and get the ball rolling! Apply for your tax back online today:

New Customers: Apply here.

Existing Customers: Apply For Additional Rebate 


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