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What Tax Can I Claim Back For 2021?

As Ireland’s No. 1 tax agent, we’ve processed a lot of tax rebates so far this year. That said, a huge number of people still haven’t claimed their tax refund yet. We want to tell you about what tax back you could be entitled to for 2021. Let’s check out what you’re due.



What Tax Back Can I Claim?
Can I Claim Tax For Working From Home?
How Much Tax Refund Will I Get?


What Tax Back Can I Claim?

You can claim tax back for a variety of expenses, depending on your personal circumstances. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. Here are some examples:

Medical Costs

You can claim back 20% on a wide range of medical costs for you and your family each year.

Allowable medical expenses for claiming tax rebates include doctor visits, prescription medicine, specialist dental work, laser eye surgery, IVF, X-rays, nursing home expenses, and more.

Nursing home expenses can be claimed back at a rate of 40%, so for an annual bill of €50,000, you can claim back €20,000!

The average family in Ireland spends €2,600 on medical bills a year. So if you’re claiming back for four years of medical expenses, you could be due a tax rebate of €2,080 for that alone.


Pension Contributions

Did you invest in a private pension plan in 2021? If so, you can claim tax relief on a percentage of your pension contributions.



If you’ve paid college/tuition fees for you or your family, you could be due tax back.

Tax relief can be claimed on third-level tuition fees for approved courses in Ireland or the EU.

Find out more on student tax rebates.


Flat Rate Expenses

You can claim tax rebates on flat-rate expenses related to certain jobs. This covers a range of professions including Healthcare Professionals, Tradespeople, Educators and Retailers.

For example, school teachers can claim tax back of up to €973 for flat rate expenses over the past four years.


Emergency Tax

If you’ve started a new job and if you were paying emergency tax, you are due a tax rebate. Plain and simple.

The so-called ‘Great Resignation‘ contributed to a lot of people moving jobs in the last 12 months. While a global average of 41% of people around the world were considering changing jobs, the figure in Ireland was higher still. So a lot of those who switched jobs were subject to paying emergency tax in their first few paycheques.

Once you’ve finished paying emergency tax, you can claim a tax refund on the amount you paid.


Can I Claim Tax For Working From Home?

The working landscape has changed dramatically since the pandemic and most office workers have either been working either partially or fully from home.

If you’ve worked from home, you can claim tax back for certain expenses including utility bills and broadband.

The average tax rebate for working from home is about €80 a year per person.


How Much Tax Refund Will I Get?

The sum total of your rebate depends entirely on your own personal situation. This includes marital status, occupation, when you started working, how much you pay in medical bills and more.

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