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At Irish Tax Rebates, we are passionate about our purpose: ensuring our 310,000 customers in Ireland secure the highest possible tax rebate. 

If you pay income tax in Ireland, it’s likely you’re also due a rebate.

Ready to apply?  Simply complete our 60 second application form. Our team will conduct a free review of your taxes and use our specialist tax expertise to secure you the highest possible tax rebate.

Not ready just yet?  From our team of highly experienced senior tax accountants to fully secure systems and forms, find out why our customers have been turning to Irish Tax Rebates for over 20 years here.


Why Choose Irish Tax Rebates to Claim Back Your Overpaid Tax?

1. Our Staff of Experienced and Knowledgeable Senior Accountants.

Many taxpayers are unaware of the full span of tax credits and reliefs available to them and find it difficult to discern which ones they are eligible for. Our highly qualified tax experts are committed to being up to date on the inner workings of the Revenue system and aware of any legislative changes so they can guarantee you receive your maximum rebate.

It is important to us that you get all of your money back, which is why we encourage every taxpayer in Ireland to have a senior accountant from Irish Tax Rebates review their taxes.


2. We Take Security Seriously.

The trust of our customers is of paramount importance. When you apply to Irish Tax Rebates, you can apply with 100% confidence.

As the leading original provider of tax rebates in Ireland, we have spent years investing in the security of our systems so that you can be 100% sure that your personal data is safe. That’s why more than 310,000 people trust us every year to review their taxes.


3. We Have Stood the Test of Time.

Irish tax Rebates started securing rebates for clients over 20 years ago, before there was even an online option!

Through our 20 years of providing independent and confidential tax advice, we have seen other tax back companies come and go, unable to sustain a good service for their clients. At Irish Tax Rebates, we understand what our clients value: secure systems, senior accountants, and unparalleled knowledge of the Irish tax system.

4. Reasonable Rates, and a No Rebate, No Fee, No Catch!

It doesn’t cost you anything to have your taxes reviewed – in fact, we will never ask you for your bank details. If you’re not due a rebate, there will never be a cost to you.

If you are due a rebate, our fees are very competitive; in fact, they are one of the lowest in the country. People who use Irish Tax Rebates generally get more money back than they would if they applied on their own, so you’ll be getting more money even after our low fee.


5. Our annual assessment means you can leave it to us.

It is essential to us that each and every client get the rebate that they are owed. That’s why every year, the experts at Irish Tax Rebates will automatically review your taxes and notify you when they have calculated your maximum rebate.

Don’t waste your time worrying about your taxes – with Irish Tax Rebates, you can rest assured with our senior accountants on your case each and every year.


Not Convinced to Claim our Rebate? Take a Look at Our Rebate Superstars

No matter what your employment, if you’re a PAYE worker, you could be due tax back. Here are some of our top rebates: 



Fill out our online form, you never know, it could be you securing rebates like these! 


Still Not Convinced? Let The Irish Tax Rebate Reviews Speak for Themselves! 

We often get asked, “Are Irish Tax Rebates legit?” or “Is Irish tax rebates safe?” Well, don’t just take our word for it; take a look at some of the reviews from our customers

 Here’s a Quick Preview of Some of Our Great Reviews: 


  • Can’t speak highly enough of Irish Tax Rebates, I’ve been using them since 2015, and they have consistently gotten me cash back each year. Their system is very streamlined, from them filing the tax return to putting the money directly into your bank account. Certainly consider them if you are thinking about applying for tax back.”
  • “I have been using the services now for the past few years to assess my annual tax rebate. They never fail to achieve all that I am due to be refunded due to overpayment within the tax system. To any future customers, do not pass this company; totally professional with very efficient and friendly staff.
  • “These are the original tax back people, so many others now jumping on their good work. Each year they send me an email reminding me to upload any receipts, and then soon after they do all my tax claims, always get some sort of refund for me. Very happy to give these five stars and recommend them. Excellent service and very reasonable.


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